Uniglobe Markets latest offer Forex 100% Withdrawable Bonus

Uniglobe Markets latest offer Forex 100% Withdrawable Bonus

The Forex 100% Deposit Bonus presents an enticing chance for traders to commence trading and generating profits, along with the opportunity to withdraw said profits. Don't hesitate, begin today.

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Explaining the Forex New 100% Trading Bonus

The 100% Credit Bonus program offered by Uniglobe Markets, a well-established broker with 9 years of experience, is an appealing opportunity for both new and existing clients to improve their trading potential. This offer is available for all account types and requires a minimum deposit of $100, with a maximum leverage of 1:200. With a solid track record of satisfying over 100,000 clients and an impressive 4.7-star rating, Uniglobe Markets has gained a significant social media following of 150,000-plus on Facebook, making it a reliable platform for traders to take advantage of generous bonuses and enhance their trading experience.

Benefits of the Forex Credit Bonus

  • Get a 100% bonus on your credit
  • A deposit of at least $100 is required
  • Enjoy a maximum leverage of 1:200
  • This offer is open to both new and current clients
  • Applicable to all types of accounts

Steps for Obtaining the Latest Forex Bonus

  • Sign up for a broker account
  • Deposit a minimum of 100 USD
  • Begin trading and generating profits
  • Fulfill the necessary trading volumes and withdraw them.

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Terms and Conditions for 100% Forex Deposit Bonus

  1. The 100% Credit Bonus will remain valid for 60 days after deposit.
  2. Traders will receive a $2 cash-back for every standard lot traded.
  3. Cashback will be credited on the 5th day of each month.
  4. To be eligible for this offer, a minimum deposit of $100 is required.
  5. The maximum leverage allowed is 1:200.
  6. The maximum bonus that can be received per account is $5000.
  7. Trading indices under this offer will not qualify for cash rebate.
  8. Both existing and new clients who deposit or redeposit into live accounts can take advantage of this offer.
  9. Each client is limited to one account per IP address.
  10. Cash-back will be applied when a trade is closed; any open positions with credited bonus will not be eligible.
  11. Positions that are open for less than three minutes will not be eligible for cash-back.
  12. Withdrawing funds may result in the removal of the credited bonus.
  13. The offer does not permit internal transfers between MT4 and MT5 accounts.
  14. This offer cannot be combined with any other bonuses or cash-backs.
  15. Clients who are already availing existing bonus offers will not be eligible for this offer.
  16. Uniglobe Markets reserves the right to deny, withhold, or terminate the offer in case of any abusive behavior.
  17. Abusive behavior includes extracting credit or profits without any exposure to economic risk, as well as hedging positions internally or externally.
  18. Uniglobe Markets will not be held liable for any adverse effects if the offer amount is removed while there are still open positions.
  19. Eligible clients must be aware of the risks involved, as losses may exceed deposits.
  20. Uniglobe Markets reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate the offer without prior notice.
  21. In case of any discrepancies between the translated versions, the English version of the document will prevail.


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