OctaFX Free 50% Forex Bonus on the amount you Deposit

OctaFX Free 50% Forex Bonus on the amount you Deposit

Get 50% Withdrawable Forex Bonus on each Deposit. The 50% Withdrawable Forex Bonus shall be credited into your account and locked until the volume requirements are met.

Manage your 50% Withdrawable Forex Bonuses wisely

Know when to apply the 50% Withdrawable Forex Bonus: you can activate it for your deposit at any time.

Decide upon the 50% Withdrawable Forex Bonus amount you want to apply.

If you cancel the 50% Withdrawable Forex Bonus, mind that it will be deducted from your free margin at full.

When your deposit bonus progress hits 100% you can use this money for other accounts and go on investing.

What you can do with a 50% Withdrawable Deposit Bonus

Apply for a 50% Withdrawable Deposit Bonus.

Set a maximum leverage.

Open positions of up to 750 times greater than your initial investment.

Make a deposit and track our offers.

Seize the best trading conditions during our events.

Multiply your profit potential 2,000 times.

Keep trading and you’ll be able to withdraw the deposit bonus amount. You’ll need to trade the following number of lots to withdraw your 50% deposit bonus:


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