ATFX $100 Withdrawable Welcome Credit Bonus Promotions

ATFX $100 Withdrawable Welcome Credit Bonus Promotions

Open a Forex Live Trading Account and Get $100 Withdrawable Welcome Credit Bonus Promotions.

Steps to Gain Your $100 Withdrawable Credit Bonus

  • Create Forex Live Trading Account
  • Deposit US$200 and Accept T&C
  • US$100 Credited to Your Account
  • Trade 6 Lots
  • US$100 Credit Becomes Withdrawable Fund

To Get the $100 Withdrawable Welcome Credit Bonus, You Should

Make the minimum deposit of US$200 within 14 days of account registration during this Credit Bonus promotion period.

Complete trading 6 lots within the $100 Credit Bonus Promotion period and the US$100 will become withdrawable fund.

In this $100 Withdrawable Welcome Credit Bonus Promotion:

Account shall mean a Client’s trading account with ATFX into which the Client registers and deposits within the Promotion Period a Minimum Deposit;

Minimum Deposit shall mean an amount which is equal to or in excess of US$200 or equivalent. All accounts shall be enabled and/or approved for trading provided they comply with the eligibility criteria of clause 2.1. Minimum deposit has to be made during 14 calendar days from the moment of registration of the Account. If the minimum deposit is not submitted within 14 calendar days, then the promotion will be closed for the client.

Welcome Credit Bonus Promotion Period shall mean from the 1st of April 2019 (12:00) to the 30th of September 2019 (11:59) (inclusive), which is the period for new clients to register the trading account and qualify to participate in this promotion.

Standard Terms of Business shall mean the Terms and Conditions entered into by the Client and ATFX that govern all trading activity of the Client with ATFX.

$100 Free Trading Credit shall mean the trading Credit which the Client who participates in the Promotion will be eligible to receive US$100 on credit based on the Client’s trading account currency subject to the Terms;

Any words whose meaning is not defined herein shall have the meaning provided in the Standard Terms of Business.

Times mentioned herein shall mean GMT +8 as applicable. $100 Free Credit Bonus Promotion 


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