AMarkets presents a new copy trading service

AMarkets presents a new copy trading service

We are excited to announce that the AMarkets international online broker has launched a new copy trading service.

Enjoy enhanced features and convenience of the new service.

  • Now, investors have access to detailed statistics that describe the trading system used within a particular strategy, which allows them to make more accurate investment decisions and pick the most profitable strategies.
  • The process of copy trading is 100% transparent. In the new copy trading service, investors can track the investment progress and see all positions opened and closed by the trader within a particular strategy.
  • The Strategy rating now has a built-in filter, which greatly simplifies the process of searching and selecting suitable strategies.
  • Traders can now add descriptions of their strategies, indicating the style of their trading strategy or a recommended deposit amount for investors.
  • Turnover fees are paid to traders immediately after the trade is closed. No deferred payments - calculating the trader's and investor's net income made simpler.

Traders can create strategies on accounts connected to the MT4 trading platform, including private ones. If a trader wants to make his strategy available only to a closed circle of investors, he can hide the strategy from the rating and share a private link to this strategy with certain investors. Support for the MT5 platform will be added in the near future.

We wish you investment success and maximum profits with the

new copy trading service from AMarkets


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