The Trading Pit has been awarded as Fastest Growing Proprietary Firm in Europe

The Trading Pit has been awarded as Fastest Growing Proprietary Firm in Europe

FXDailyInfo recognizes The Trading Pit in its Forex Brokers Awards 2022.

We’re over the moon to announce that FXDailyInfo, a leading source of news and information about the trading industry, has awarded us with the title ‘Fastest Growing Proprietary Firm in Europe’ at their Forex Brokers Awards 2022.

Thank you!

We’re incredibly proud that we’ve won this award and we’d like to take the time to offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” to everyone we work with. From our Partner traders, to the firms, banks and financial institutions who are helping us to create something special, we couldn’t have done it without you.

On receiving the award, Thomas Hedeyn, our CEO, said, “We’re proud to have received the award and we’d like to thank FXDailyInfo for this honor. We work hard to create an offering that’s compelling for traders, one that ensures they’re well supported and that they get paid what they deserve. We’ve designed a Partnership system to reward our traders, and we only work with fully-regulated money managers and financial institutions. We’re transparent, we treat people fairly and we play by the rules. We’re changing the industry one trader at a time and traders are responding to that.

Why are we growing?

We believe that have a unique proposition for traders and the businesses we work with. We’re an EU-licensed Prop Trading firm and we only work with regulated partners. We operate with complete honesty and transparency and we’re committed to giving traders a fair deal.

We believe that many in the industry, from veterans to newcomers, appreciate what we’re doing.

We’re creating a network of traders, trading enthusiasts, technology and fintech firms and brokers that are dedicated to transparency and creating opportunities in the trading industry. We’re determined to offer traders around the world the best chance at having a successful trading career.

Partnering with The Trading Pit

We offer a range of Partnership opportunities for aspiring traders. Be it offering financial advice, creating trading signals, or trading through our scaled accounts, we are determined to help talented individuals have a career in trading.

Fully licensed traders who pass our Challenges will be given access to our scaling forex trading accounts, where they can receive up to 70% of the profits on their trades.

We operate with total transparency and we’re entirely above board.

Thank you!

Thank you to all our Partners, be they traders or the companies and firms we work with. We’re so happy to have you join us on our journey.

We’re off to a great start, but there’s more to do!

Sign up to one of our Challenges today! Let’s trade!


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