50% Welcome bonus today and boost your trading

50% Welcome bonus today and boost your trading

Get a 50% Forex welcome trading bonus today and boost your forex live trading. Choose an account type that suits your trading style

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Claim your forex bonus and boost your forex trading

Want more forex trading power? Then opt-in to the OctaFX welcome deposit bonus. Tailored exclusively for all types of our accounts, all you have to do is to open an account and fill in the opt-in form below. Your credit bonus will appear on your trading account within 1 business day.

Not a client yet? Click the button on top-right and open your live account with us in 5 minutes

Please ensure you read and fully understand the Terms & Conditions before you opt in. $50 Forex No Deposit Bonus

How to get started

Only 4 easy steps needed to earn 50% bonus

  1. Open a live account

Open a live account if you haven't already got one.

  1. Fund your account

Make a deposit into your trading account.

  1. Claim your bonus!

Your bonus will be credited to your account right after your deposit arrives

  1. Start Trading!

All done! enjoy your extra 50% trading power!

Limited time events may suggest higher bonus amounts up to 100% deposit bonus. $50 Forex No Deposit Bonus

The bonus cannot be added to internal transfer deposits and to deposits from contests/promotions, etc. unless stated otherwise.

The Client can only claim a new bonus if the sum of this bonus and the amount of all other bonus funds in the relevant trading account is less than the amount of the Client’s funds (excluding bonuses) in this account’s free margin.

It is advised to claim a bonus right after your deposit is credited to your trading account.

The bonus shall be credited into your account and locked until the volume requirements are met. After the required volume is completed, the bonus will be deducted from your MT4 | MT5 credit and simultaneously deposited into your balance. The operation will be processed every hour on a daily basis. $50 Forex No Deposit Bonus

The bonus for each deposit is considered a separate bonus.

It is required to trade (bonus amount)/2 (bonus amount divided by two) standard lots to be able to withdraw a bonus.

Volume calculation starts from the first bonus and continues consecutively. This means that you can't withdraw later bonuses before you trade the required volume for the first bonus, and so on. The volume calculation starts from the moment the bonus is requested. The volume for each deposit is calculated separately. $50 Forex No Deposit Bonus


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