Differences Between Social and Copy Trading

Social trading is a type of investment that helps investors to study their competitors. Also, this trading assists to learn about --- 12th June 2022

Basic Guide to Forex Risk Management

There are some easy methods to secure our risk management in Forex. Those are like understanding the FX market, knowing all the ru --- 12th June 2022

Forex Analysis, How to improve your trading prospe

And rather than admitting their mistake, and closing the trade, there and then. They let it run, having convinced themselves that --- 12th June 2022

Why is the Forex Market so Popular?

Mostly made up of over-the-counter (OTC) transactions, the Forex market is one of the most popular markets for retail traders, let --- 12th June 2022

How To Become a Successful Day Trader?

The process of trading stocks in a short amount of time, often one day, is known as day trading. The objective is to make a little --- 11th June 2022

10 Ways to Make Money Through Forex

Traders use many methods to make money from Forex, but do you know them all? At first, you have to know the tactics, understand th --- 11th June 2022

Stop-Loss: The Lifeline of Every Trader

Today, I will talk about the Stop-Loss tool that helps traders save money. Yes, it is a program set with commands that tell that i --- 10th June 2022

What Is a Forex Broker & What Does It Do?

In the forex markets, you possess market participants of various rates - they require a venue to meet and a capability to transact --- 10th June 2022

Forex Fundamental Analysis and Economic Indicators

Since a central bank is often responsible for handling country's financial matters, the policy it is pursuing has a profound impac --- 9th June 2022

Forex Risk Management

Risk to reward ratio denotes the potential profit in comparison to the amount you may lose for any given trade. For example, when --- 9th June 2022

Approaches to Trading the Forex Market

With wonderful sounding names such as Elliot Wave Theory, Candlestick Charts, Moving Average Convergence Divergence or Bollinger B --- 9th June 2022

What is Forex Market

The Forex market was used by institutional investors that transacted large amounts for commercial and investment purposes. Today h --- 9th June 2022

Why Do Most of the Forex Traders Lose Money

Forex is a financial platform where we invest in currencies and try to make a profit. There are two factors. Firstly, we do not ha --- 8th June 2022

When Are You Ready for Real Forex Trading?

After youve done your market survey and determined what sort of broker you want to be, you may begin trading Forex employing calcu --- 8th June 2022

Importance Of Having a Forex Trading Plan

In the case of a financial market where individual actions can result in earnings or loss, a well-defined and convenient plan migh --- 7th June 2022

Majors, Minors & Exotic Currency Pairs in Forex Tr

As we already know, Forex Trading entails the simultaneous buying of one currency and the sale of the other. As a result, we can a --- 6th June 2022

Advantages And Disadvantages of Forex Trading

The advantages of Forex enable us to get more involved in trading, and it gives us more motivation. On the other hand, there are s --- 5th June 2022

Why Demo Trading Is Important in Forex?

Demo trading in Forex is a practice account where you can buy and sell based on market data. Here, you can analyze the market, app --- 5th June 2022

7 Best Books on Psychology of Forex Trading

Forex traders have to go through mental pressure and manage their emotions, thinking processes, and trading observation to make mo --- 4th June 2022

The Importance of Liquidity in The Forex Trading M

A liquid market is generally associated with less risk, as there is usually always someone willing to take the other side of a giv --- 4th June 2022

# Forex Broker Year Status For Against Type Regulation Leverage Account Advisors
1 OctaFX 2011 41% 3% ECN/STD SVGFSA, CySEC, FCA, SVG 1:1000* 10 Yes
2 ATFX 2017 35% 3% Broker/NDD FCA, CySEC, FSCA 1:400* 100 Yes
3 IEXS 2023 20% 6% ECN/STP ASIC, FCA Up to 1:500 100 Yes
4 Uniglobe markets 2015 20% 3% ECN/STP Yes Up to 1:500 100 Yes
5 Youhodler 2018 20% 2% Exchange EU (Swiss) licensed Up to 1:500 100 Yes
6 TradeEU 2023 18% 4% CFDs CySEC 1:300* 100 Yes
7 RoboForex 2009 16% 4% ECN/STD FSC, Number 000138/333 1:2000* 10 Yes
8 Axiory 2011 15% 5% Broker, NDD IFSC, FSC, FCA (UK) 1:777* 10 Yes
9 FBS 2009 13% 4% ECN/STD IFSC, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA 1:3000* 100 Yes
10 WAYSTRADE 2015 13% 6% ECN/STP No 1:400* 100 Yes
11 World Forex 2015 12% 10% ECN/STP FSP Up to 1:400 100 Yes
12 RaiseFX 2022 11% 6% ECN/STP (FSP 50455) Up to 1:500 100 Yes
13 Yamarkets 2018 11% 2% ECN/STD VFSC, MISA, 1:1000* 100 Yes
14 AdroFx 2018 10% 5% ECN/STD VFSC, FSRA, FSA 1:500* 100 Yes
15 InstaForex 2007 9% 2% ECN/STD BVI FSC, CySec 1:1000* 1 Yes

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