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Is the Forex Broker Licensed and Regulated

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Computers Vs Human Mind in Forex Trading

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The Essential Guide to Momentum Trading

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What Are the Best Forex Scalping Strategies?

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Top 10 Tips for Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency T

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The Essential Guide to Trading Multiple Timeframes

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The Complete Guide to Fibonacci Trading

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The Complete Guide to Demo Trading

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What Are Forex Pips, Lots, Margin, And Leverage?

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How To Make Money Using a Scalping Strategy?

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Forex Fundamental analysis VS Technical Analysis

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Types of Forex Scams and How You Can Avoid Them

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How To Choose the Right Currency Pair?

There are several aspects while selecting the best model. However, we have undertaken the analysis for you, and in this article, y --- 13th June 2022

# Forex Broker Year Status For Against Type Regulation Leverage Account Advisors
1 OctaFX 2011 41% 3% ECN/STD SVGFSA, CySEC, FCA, SVG 1:1000* 10 Yes
2 ATFX 2017 35% 3% Broker/NDD FCA, CySEC, FSCA 1:400* 100 Yes
3 IEXS 2023 20% 6% ECN/STP ASIC, FCA Up to 1:500 100 Yes
4 Uniglobe markets 2015 20% 3% ECN/STP Yes Up to 1:500 100 Yes
5 Youhodler 2018 20% 2% Exchange EU (Swiss) licensed Up to 1:500 100 Yes
6 TradeEU 2023 18% 4% CFDs CySEC 1:300* 100 Yes
7 RoboForex 2009 16% 4% ECN/STD FSC, Number 000138/333 1:2000* 10 Yes
8 Axiory 2011 15% 5% Broker, NDD IFSC, FSC, FCA (UK) 1:777* 10 Yes
9 FBS 2009 13% 4% ECN/STD IFSC, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA 1:3000* 100 Yes
10 WAYSTRADE 2015 13% 6% ECN/STP No 1:400* 100 Yes
11 World Forex 2015 12% 10% ECN/STP FSP Up to 1:400 100 Yes
12 RaiseFX 2022 11% 6% ECN/STP (FSP 50455) Up to 1:500 100 Yes
13 Yamarkets 2018 11% 2% ECN/STD VFSC, MISA, 1:1000* 100 Yes
14 AdroFx 2018 10% 5% ECN/STD VFSC, FSRA, FSA 1:500* 100 Yes
15 InstaForex 2007 9% 2% ECN/STD BVI FSC, CySec 1:1000* 1 Yes

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