Micro Lots and Everything You Need to Know About L

How this works is that the trader who wishes to enter a short position ‘borrows’ the securities or other assets of which the t --- 28th December 2022

Cryptocurrencies and Forex Forecast for December 0

The DXY dollar index is down 5% over the past month. This is the largest monthly decline since September 2010. And the American cu --- 4th December 2022

Latest Article: What is Grid Trading?

With grid trading, you can profit by placing long orders below the current trading price and short orders above the current tradin --- 1st December 2022

Trading Guide: Trading Psychology – Article 1

What dId you feel? Grief, Rage, anger, disbelief, or you just went blank? Irrespective of how you felt, it sure affected your next --- 1st December 2022

Working Hard To Make Your Life? Get Into Forex Tra

There is no doubt that you will have to work hard to achieve all that you desire in life. There is no shortcut to success and weal --- 19th November 2022

How to choose your forex trading style?

Active trading implies many different trading styles and requires more time, as well as certain knowledge and skills to analyze ma --- 18th November 2022

Top tips for keeping your cool while forex trading

All the above tips are to be followed in the middle of a trading crisis. But what about precaution? Instead of finding ways to kee --- 13th November 2022

Index Trading Explained: How to Trade Indices

An Index measures Stock performances in the securities market. Companies must qualify for a set of criteria to be listed under a p --- 6th November 2022

How to Trade With MetaTrader Webtrader

You get the same features of the MetaTrader desktop trading platform but through a web browser. This makes it easy for you to trad --- 26th October 2022

Top 10 Brokers with Forex No Deposit Bonus

No deposit Forex bonuses are very popular among traders as they allow them to start trading on a live account without having to ma --- 18th October 2022

How Profitable is Commodity Trading in Australia?

Commodities are natural materials or goods that are either processed or unprocessed for human use. Examples of commodities include --- 16th October 2022

Top Forex Forecasting Techniques

Forex forecasting refers to predicting the current and future market conditions to trade the currency pairs accordingly. Existing --- 13th October 2022

What is Leverage Trading in Cryptocurrency ?

Innovative concepts, such as leverage trading or crypto assets, are definitely attractive but are challenging, particularly for no --- 8th October 2022

What is a Forex No Deposit Trading Bonus?

A Forex No Deposit Trading Bonus is a type of promotional offer that allows traders to start trading with real money without havin --- 8th October 2022

Why Risk Management Is a Priority With Leverage Tr

Do you feel your trades are restricted by your account size? Well! Its the case for most of the traders. Your trades and investmen --- 3rd October 2022

No-Deposit Forex Bonuses: How Much Is Free Lunch ?

No harm, no foul. And if they do end up loving what the broker has to offer, the bonus will serve as a good introduction and an au --- 1st October 2022

Tips For Improving Your Forex Live Trading Skills

As a forex beginner, there is still much to learn to get you started. Although you might have obtained some knowledge through text --- 26th September 2022

What is Overtrading (And How to Avoid it)

Forex overtrading occurs when traders open several positions more than what is appropriate for them to handle or contrary to their --- 26th September 2022

How to Become a Full-Time Forex Trader?

Becoming a forex trader full-time requires knowledge, patience, discipline, capital, and time. Other requirements are a reliable a --- 22nd September 2022

STP Forex Broker: Definition, Characteristics, and

An STP broker will pass all or part of a client’s trades up to liquidity providers of an STP forex broker. STP forex brokers fun --- 12th September 2022

# Forex Broker Year Status For Against Type Regulation Leverage Account Advisors
1 OctaFX 2011 41% 3% ECN/STD SVGFSA, CySEC, FCA, SVG 1:1000* 10 Yes
2 ATFX 2017 35% 3% Broker/NDD FCA, CySEC, FSCA 1:400* 100 Yes
3 IEXS 2023 20% 6% ECN/STP ASIC, FCA Up to 1:500 100 Yes
4 Uniglobe markets 2015 20% 3% ECN/STP Yes Up to 1:500 100 Yes
5 Youhodler 2018 20% 2% Exchange EU (Swiss) licensed Up to 1:500 100 Yes
6 TradeEU 2023 18% 4% CFDs CySEC 1:300* 100 Yes
7 RoboForex 2009 16% 4% ECN/STD FSC, Number 000138/333 1:2000* 10 Yes
8 Axiory 2011 15% 5% Broker, NDD IFSC, FSC, FCA (UK) 1:777* 10 Yes
9 FBS 2009 13% 4% ECN/STD IFSC, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA 1:3000* 100 Yes
10 WAYSTRADE 2015 13% 6% ECN/STP No 1:400* 100 Yes
11 World Forex 2015 12% 10% ECN/STP FSP Up to 1:400 100 Yes
12 RaiseFX 2022 11% 6% ECN/STP (FSP 50455) Up to 1:500 100 Yes
13 Yamarkets 2018 11% 2% ECN/STD VFSC, MISA, 1:1000* 100 Yes
14 AdroFx 2018 10% 5% ECN/STD VFSC, FSRA, FSA 1:500* 100 Yes
15 InstaForex 2007 9% 2% ECN/STD BVI FSC, CySec 1:1000* 1 Yes

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